Peruvian (Decaf)

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Fairtrade – Certified Organic

Tasting Notes: Medium body, well balanced, mildly acidic, caramel overtones with a smooth finish.

Roast: Light and Medium

About the farmers: From Peru, a truly exotic country whose borders include the Pacific ocean, the Andes mountains, the Amazon rainforest and the Amazon river. These beans are decaffeinated via the Swiss Water Process. Pioneered in Switzerland in 1933 but not commercially viable until 1988, (here’s a very basic description of the process) the Swiss Water Process extracts caffeine by soaking the beans. This also extracts oils and flavor molecules, so the caffeine is filtered out of what’s extracted, and all but the caffeine is re-introduced to the bean. There are no chemicals involved and our beans undergo the SWP at the only certified organic facility in the world, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Unlike other decafs, this is a great cup of coffee, regardless of the decaffeination process.

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