Cheesecake Menu

Our Cheesecake

Our 6″ cheesecakes serve (6-8) and 8″ serves (10).

NY Style

The original scratch recipe that started it all.
The perfect texture, flavor enhanced with real vanilla bean and an extra thick crust.

Signature Chocolate

Luxuriously deep, multi level chocolate taste.
Our rich and creamy chocolate cheesecake sits on an Oreo crust and is topped with our chocolate ganache and a just a hint of white chocolate drizzle.

Chocolate Caramel Turtle

Winner of the 2020 Chocolate Love A’fair Judge’s Taste Award.
Our NY Style topped with our chocolate ganache, house made caramel sauce and a generous portion of our candied pecans.

Cookies and Cream

Creamy and crunchy in perfect tandem.
Our Signature Chocolate cheesecake with an extra thick layer of ganache and topped with chopped Oreos.

Strawberry & Cream

I’m a little lad who loves berries and cream!
Our NY Style with layers of strawberry buttercream, strawberry compote, strawberry slices and an extra twist of strawberry buttercream on every slice.

Cherry Bomb

It tastes like rock and roll.
Our NY Style piled high with cherry pie filling. It’s like a Lita Ford guitar solo for your taste buds.


Berries and cream….2.0.
Our NY Style with layers of raspberry buttercream, raspberry compote, and an extra twist of raspberry buttercream on every slice.